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We distinguish ourselves from the competition with a wide variety of brand-new parts, components, and products, specifically designed to drive production efficiency to new heights. Our designers and engineers have crafted best-in-class designs from our extensive repair and service business, enabling us to create innovative solutions that deliver long-term, reliable performance.

Our new equipment and components include:

  • Enprotech® Press Program
  • Verson® LCM Presses
  • Enprotech Control Systems
  • Transfer Systems
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Coke Oven Doors
  • Coke Oven Quench Cars
  • Enprotech OEM Mandrel Systems
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Introducing the Enprotech®
Press Program

We’ve leveraged 100 years of advanced engineering experience to build new high-performing presses that feature state-of-the-art technology, Verson®-level quality, and reliability—all with an optimized manufacturing time for a shorter delivery.

Here’s how our new MECHANICAL press keeps you in motion:

  • We install, calibrate, and provide start-up services to get you up-and-running quickly
  • Our Advanced Engineering Team works with you on site to optimize productivity
  • Our presses are designed for long-term reliability to minimize the risk of downtime
  • We offer flexible options for your control system, including an Enprotech pre-programmed Allen Bradley control system for premium precision or the ability to integrate any preferred 3rd party control system
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Hydraulic Presses

Enprotech is the exclusive North American LCM hydraulic press provider for all new equipment, technical support, and spare parts. Verson LCM press options range between 50 and 15,000 tons capacity. Added to the existing Enprotech Press Program range of presses, Enprotech delivers the most comprehensive range of mechanical and hydraulic presses available to the metal forming and metal forging industries.

Let us help you specify the right press for your application.

Contact Us For:

  • Verson LCM Deep Drawing Presses
  • Verson LCM Die-Spotting & Die Tryout Presses
  • Verson LCM Hemming Presses
  • Verson LCM SMC Presses
  • Verson LCM CCL/PCB Laminating Hot Presses
  • Verson LCM Forging Presses
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NSD Position Sensors and Controllers

We’re proud to be the North American representative for NSD position sensors and controllers. NSD’s revolutionary sensor technology, ABSOCODER, is a non-contact, absolute position sensor designed for the most demanding applications. The ABSOCODER is available in rotary and linear models, and may be used simply to provide position data, or coupled with a VARICAM or VARILIMIT for more exacting metal stamping machine control applications.

Contact Us For:

  • ABSOCODER® Absolute Position Sensor
  • VARILIMIT® Electronic Linear CAM Switch System
  • VARICAM® Electronic Rotary CAM Switch System
  • CYLNUC Programmable Pneumatic Cylinders
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New metal production Equipment

Enprotech is a leader in designing and upgrading metal production (steel, aluminim and more) equipment. With everything from silica brick for metallurgical coke ovens to rolls for the finishing process, our extensive variety of manufacturing parts and manufacturing services are sure to meet your full range of equipment needs.

Our offerings include:

  • Modernization and Efficiency Solutions

    • Enprotech OEM Mandrel Systems

      Enprotech’s Coiler/Mandrel Shaft is a proprietary design and can be manufactured to fit our customers’ gearbox/ equipment for ease of installation. The design has a proven track record to increase tonnage and mandrel life, plus allows for timely refurbishment when a partial or complete rebuild is required.

  • New steel manufacturing equipment

    • Coke Ovens

      Includes: Doors & Door Repairs, Quench Car Repairs or Build New

    • Blast Furnace

      Includes: Copper Tuyeres, Staves (Copper & Ductile Iron) & Cooling Plates, Cold Blast Valve Repairs and Sintering Plant Breakers

    • Steelmaking

      On-site machining of ladle bottoms, manufacture and repair various types of transfer cars, skimmer equipment, platforms, “J” hooks, hoist, drums, crane trucks, sheaves

    • Casters

      Manufacturing & Engineering Segments provide turnkey support for all segment components: Dummy Bars new and rebuild, Oscillator rebuild, run out table components, hard facing of roll overlays, tundish repairs, bearing housings and many other components

    • Slide Gate Hardware

      Includes: Ladle and Tundish Slide Gate Systems; Comprehensive Support with Refractory Support

    • Hot Mill

      Includes: Reels & Mandrels, Descaling Nozzles, Descaling Hoods, Entry Guides, Chocks, Work Rolls, Backup Rolls, HSS Rolls, Tables, Rolls, Guides – Side & Mill Type, Slab Cars & Transfer Devices, Spindles, Spindle Carriers, Screwdown Screws & Nuts, Shears, Edger Rolls, Drive Shafts, Gearboxes, Pinion Stands, Roll Change Sleds, Pinch Rolls, Outboard Bearings, Coil Cars, Downcoiler Rebuilds, Wrapper Rolls & Aprons, Side Frames, Conveyors, Looper Rolls & Assemblies, Roll Repair

    • Cold Mill and Finishing Mill

      Includes: Reels & Mandrels, Descaling Nozzles, Entry Guides, Chocks, Work Rolls, Coil Cars, Gearboxes, Bridle Roll & Assemblies, Spindle & Carriers, Holddown Rolls, Coil Prep Equipment, Shears, Roll Change Sleds, Aprons, Beltwrappers, Screwdown Screws & Nuts, Roll Repair, Radiant Tubes, Coiling equipment services, including all facets of design, repair and new technology implementation

    • Lifting Devices

      Includes: Slab Tongs, Coil Tongs, Crane Repairs, Hook Blocks, Equalizer Beams, Spreader Bars, Ladle Hangers, J-Hooks, Clam Buckets 


    • Castor Systems

      Our technicians perform partial or complete rebuilds. All aspects of the caster are inspected and refurbished to include: rolls, bearing pads & housings, coolant & hydraulic systems, as well as frame & structural. Our technicians can shim and set gap on the caster using our specialized build stands.

      Castor BOF and LMF

      Includes: Runout Rolls, Torch Machines, Tundishs, Tundish Flipper Stands, Castor Frames, Castor Rolls, Oscillator, Slab Transfer Cars, Skimmer Equipment, Ladle and Tundish Slide Gate Systems, Slide Pots, Dummy Bars, Wheel Assemblies, Ladle Covers, Tundish Cars, Scrap Boxes, Vessel Trunnios, Gear Boxes, Drive Shafts, Castor Rails, Scale Pit Bucket, Roll Overlays (hard facing)

    • Mandrel Systems

      We are extremely knowledgeable with rebuilding and retrofitting a wide range of mandrel designs. We repair, rebuild and manufacture new mandrel shafts, segments, wedge shafts, wedge followers, canisters, hydraulic cylinders & distributors.

    • Roll Systems

      With our specialized weld lathes, which utilize Sub-Arc technology, we deliver roll overlay from new forgings or repair base buildup and overlay after crack removal. Enprotech routinely performs bearing housing refurbishments as well as assembly of completed rolls.

    • Cranes and Lifting Devices

      We can rebuild or remanufacture overhead cranes and lifting devices, including all components and parts, restoring them back to OEM specifications.

      Includes: Equalizer Beams, Spreader Bars, Clam Buckets, Ladle Hangers, Hook Box, Coil Tongs, Slab Tongs, J-Hooks, Cable Drum, Crane Trucks, Wheel Assemblies, Sheave Assemblies, Dry Shafts, C-Hooks

    • Cold Mill Equipment

      Includes: Belt Wrapper, Tension Reels, Coil Cars, Chocks, Rolls, Shears, Coil Prep Equipment, Payoff Reels, Side Guides, Pickle Tanks, Up-ender, Down-ender, Transfer Tables, Recoiler, Uncoiler, Bridle Rolls and Assemblies

    • Hot Mill Equipment

      Includes: Run Out Table Components, Descale Hoods, Entry Guides, Entry Guide Rollers, Chocks, Work Rolls, Backup Rolls, Table Rolls, Spindles, Spindle Carriers, Screwdown Screw & Nuts, Edger Rolls, Roll Change Sleds, Bench Rolls, Outboard Bearing Supports, Coil Guards, Down Coiler, Wrapper Rolls and Aprons, Looper Tables, Looper Rolls and Assemblies, Bolt Down Rolls, HAGC Assemblies, Breaker Blocks, Coil Shift Rack, Conveyor Chains, Coiler Frames, Reheat Furnace Pushers, Edger Assemblies, Pinion Stands, Gearboxes, Up-ender, Down-ender

    • Frames

      We provide exceptional knowledge and skill to repair, rebuild, or remanufacture frames, components and assemblies to OEM specifications.

    • Blast Furnace

      Includes: Cold Blast Valves, Hot Blast Valves, Sphery Valves

    • Coke Oven Components

      Includes: Coke Oven Doors, Coke Oven Quench Cars, Extractor Parts, Flap Assemblies, Wheel Assemblies, Pushers

    • Refractory Support

      Includes: Plates, Nozzles

    • Sinter Plant

      Includes: Breakers, Chains, Rainbow Rails, Wheel Assemblies, Shakers

Get the new equipment you need to press on.