Engineering Service

Engineering productivity
advancements for your business.

Our solutions keep you
one step ahead.

Our Engineering Team’s mission is to increase your output, help you avoid equipment downtime, and integrate modernization solutions when possible. We accomplish this by proactively analyzing your equipment, managing your project, and leveraging technology to design solutions that anticipate potential failure points so you can avoid catastrophic shutdowns before they occur.

Our Engineering Service includes:

  • FEA Analysis
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Productivity Optimization
  • Equipment Vibration Analysis
  • Bushing/Bearing Thermal Projection Analysis
  • Remote Diagnostic Monitoring Solutions
  • 3D Laser Measurements
  • Drawing Package Options
  • Reverse Engineering Solutions
  • Project Management
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OEM Engineering

We stand out as a genuine rebuilder and remanufacturer—helping you gain the benefits of new equipment performance at a lower cost. Our experienced professionals and engineers have set the standard for excellence in repair and rebuilding. We provide full engineering services to Verson® and Danly press technology—including retrofits, upgrades, modernization, and automation integration assistance.

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Finite Element Analysis

Whether you’re updating your proven designs or meeting new performance requirements, we provide a complete range of equipment update services to improve productivity, reliability, and maintainability—including finite element analysis with event simulation, three-dimensional solid modeling, simulating components, and proprietary design software.

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Project Management

Our Project Managers handle jobs throughout the full lifecycle. Each team member is accountable for delivering proactive manufacturing solutions that meet the quality, the delivery, and the cost you expect—and up to ISO certified quality level. Whether it’s a simple repair or a complex turnkey project, our qualified engineers are fully committed to keeping your productivity in motion.

We’re here to help engineer your success.